Dental Intranet is compatible with Dentrix, and is similar to Sikka Software Practice Optimizer, but with many more functions, features and uses.

We have no long term contract, just pay each month, whereas Sikka requires a 2 or 3 year contract.

Practice Optimizer was made for a single office, but the Dental Intranet was built for Dental Groups with multiple locations, and is in the process of being transformed for more relevance to a single office practice.
New reports, features and functionality can be added quickly, so any report can be created by the time your account is installed and setup, as long as the information is available.

If you have more than 1 location or are thinking of opening more, there is no software available to combine and compare information other than Dental Intranet, and Dentrix Enterprise which has a much, much larger price tag, and none of the features below.
Dentrix Enterprise also makes a multi-office practice vulnerable to a single point of failure.
Dental Intranet pulls information from Dentrix without altering it, and will never interfere with your production.

Dental Intranet has employee profiles so different groups (Doctors, Hygienists, Managers, Staff) or individual users can have access to different reports, all of which can be managed by the owner or manager.
This individual detail includes pay rate (hourly), or % of production or collection, so that payroll can be calculated for the entire staff directly from Dentrix procedures and hours clocked in,
saving office managers hours of time every pay period, and avoiding costly errors.

Most consultants recommend bonus systems, but they are difficult to calculate and implement manually.
Dental Intranet individual employee profiles allow a practice many ways to implement bonus systems, including ways to let your team see how they are doing on a daily basis, engaging them with the business and motivating them to work better.
No other dental software evens attempts this.

We have seen teams start off knowing or even caring nothing about the office they work in, other than what their job requires, to daily checking on the business metrics, and taking actions to improve them!

The document center provides a way for employees to get current HR forms or company policies easily, as well as share any other documents.

The calendar is not only a great communication tool for team members, but also provides a way to annotate charts with office events. For example, employee hire and termination dates are automatically plotted on the New Patients Chart, which may reveal a great new hire, or a marketing campaign such as “Invisalign Day” or “New Billboard” can not only be scheduled on the calendar, but an annotation of a marketing event may precede a spike on the collections chart,
so you have a better picture of WHY your numbers are going up.
No other software has this type of visual connection of metrics to actions.

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The Dental Intranet has a BASIC Level for only $199 / month / office that gives
1. Dashboard with Dials to indicate 3 mon Avg Collections compared to Goals, New Patients Averages, and Month-to-Date, and daily Adjusted (Net) Production, or Scheduled Production, Collections, and New patients compared to goals.
2. Reports such as Morning Huddle, Hygiene Prescheduling and Retention, Provider Ranking, Projected Monthly Prod, Col & New Pts , Accounts Receivable, Various Procedure Code Analyses, Ratios like Restorations to Exams, Collections over time Charts, etc
3. Calendar system with automatic employee birthday and hire anniversary dates.
4. Document Center for Patient Forms, and other shared files, etc.
5. Contacts list and Profiles for Employees
6. CEO Messages
7. Administrative pages

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There is also a Premium Level for $499 / month / office which :
1. Implements custom Office Bonus Systems
2. Payroll calculations
3. Integrates with Accounting software such as Quickbooks
4. Has tons of documents, forms, Office Administration how-to manuals, Clinical Manuals, Human Resource information and Marketing Materials.
5. Dozens of more specialized reports such as Ratio Build-Ups : Indirect Restorations, Initial Exams : New Patients, SRP : Adult Prophy Hygiene, etc with explanations and market metric goals

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Installation charges depend on the level, and software used by the office.


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