Dental intranet is the visibility tool you need
to effectively manage multiple dental offices.
Remember the clockwork precision you had in one office?
Your success inspired you to open more locations.
Now that you are growing, do you feel like you've lost some of that unity?
It's no one's fault - You just need the right tools!
Your practice management software was built for appointments,
charting and clinical notes, but not for enterprise business.

Dental intranet brings your teams together as one.

A customized dashboard with charts and summaries of your choice of metrics for all of your offices to easily see an enterprise-level snapshot...

Send messages internally that won't get lost in the spam...

Money Tracking
Quickbooks integration will allow you to see the big picture of your enterprise...

A calendar integrated with the charts...

Continuing Education
Continuing Education is important, but what happens when the conference is over and the consultants are gone?

Ranking opens the eyes of you and your providers to the possibilities of production and profits and...

The Dental Intranet software also includes :
  • An Integrated, Automated Incentive Bonus Systems for HQ, Providers, Managers, and General Staff.
  • A calendar integrated with the charts - for example you can not only see a chart of collections of all your offices month-by-month but also annotated with marketing events or hire/termination events to see WHY your numbers are going up or down.
  • Security access levels and groups for Administration, Accounting, Regional Managers, Office Managers, Doctors, Hygienists, and General Staff.
  • Payroll Calculations for Doctors based on production, or collection, Hourly staff, or a combination - most hygienists receive an hourly compensation, but get a settlement based on % of production when meeting specific goals.
  • Over 60 different reports to see how your offices, and providers are performing, including : referral-detailed, new patient count, patient master, collection reconciliation, provider history, day sheet , treatment plans, patient analysis, procedure analysis, etc.
  • Any new tools can be customized or added easily.
  • The documents, reports, information, advice, and intranet technology would cost over $300,000 to acquire, and this total is the sum of actual costs reported directly from several groups.
  • We can also give you the same insights that many dental practice consultants give for 5-figure costs.
  • Our team has been in the unique position of working with a company that bought “everything out there” about dental practice profitability, and implemented and watched the success of most of it, and have confirmed metrics from literally 500 offices
  • We make software, and provide consulting primarily for dental practices with multiple locations,
    to manage the business, marketing and accounting processes. =)


smile, business is good with the dental intranet

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